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Nora Parra was born in Mexicali, B.C. Mexico. 
She started her career when she was 6 years old, performing the play La violenta Visita.  In Mexico She performed the play Despedida de Soltera.   She also worked for  Television Azteca  performing several soap operas: Con toda el almaTe dejaré de Amar and Al Norte del Corazón.   She got an antagonistic character in Univision on Las Dos Caras de Ana.
She started singing at the age of 17. 
As an actress, her extensive film career consisting of 17 films, she founded Scorpius Stars Films in 2012, She mainly focused as a producer.   During this year, she also produced and performed, with Krafty Films and acted the film  Volando Bajo
She will work on a feature film in the future,   She also wants to establish alliances with other producing companies in order to contribute in the cinematographic industry, promoting the artistic and technical Mexican talent. 
It is important to mention her deep love for nature, for this reason She founded the organization X my planet.




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